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Freemotion Selectorized Bicep, Styrkemaskiner - Armar

The easy seat adjustment of the new EPIC Biceps Curl machine allows users to adjust on the fly, creating a truly personalized workout to reach their fitness goals. The extra long, "easy in" pin and a counterweight make way for a user-defined wrist position and a movement that targets upper arms with a natural range of motion. The new design of this machine features a lower tower height, promoting an open feel.

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Freemotion Selectorized Tricep, Styrkemaskiner - Armar

With an easy adjusting pin, full pad and big stops on the wrists, it's easier to push weight on the EPIC Triceps Press. Users build strength through functional-training movements designed to target back-of-the-arm muscles. The unique tubular design and lower tower height adds to the polished look of this machine, promoting an open feel.

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Freemotion Genesis Bicep, Styrkemaskiner - Armar

Machines that do more than one thing maximize your floor space and ROI. This Genesis Bicep features a rotating seat for a seated or standing position to isolate the biceps or activate stabilizers. The patented Freemotion cable delivers smooth, consistent resistance for user-defined strength training that prevents arms from hyper-extending, lessening the chance of injury.

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Freemotion Genesis Tricep, Styrkemaskiner - Armar

Smart trainers know that posture is everything. The Genesis Tricep machine guides users towards ideal posture with an upright seat that primes an open chest movement. Easily select the weight and the Freemotion cable delivers smooth, consistent weight that builds secondary and primary tricep muscles. Stand up to hit the tricep from all angles and pull in a core workout to maximize gym time.

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